Ennis Esmer Is the Voice of I Don’t Flush 2016

Canadian actor Ennis Esmer returns to lend his support as the voice of I Don’t Flush 2016.

Known for his work in numerous films and television programs such as Red Oaks and The Listener, Ennis Esmer was one of the many public figures to lend support to our initial I Don’t Flush campaign targeting waste pharmaceuticals. For the 2016 campaign, Ennis returns as the narrator of the newest public service announcements, which remind Canadians that personal care products should not be flushed down the toilets.

We are grateful for Ennis’ continued support and dedication to the I Don’t Flush campaign and for constantly reminding us all:

“There are only 3 things you should flush! Number 1: Number 1! Number 2: Number 2! Number 3: Toilet paper!”

Thank you for making us laugh and showing us the way Ennis!