OCWA and CWF Launch ‘I don’t flush’ in York Region at Windfall Ecology Festival

From left to right: Anne Robins (Robins Pharmacy in Newmarket), Michelle Rich (York Region), Christopher Hilkene (CWF), Amy Lane (OCWA), Katherine Wood (OCWA) and Tracey Carrigan (York Region).


The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) and The Clean Water Foundation (CWF) – in conjunction with York Region, the Region of Peel and the Health Product Stewardship Association – launched the ‘I don’t flush’ public awareness campaign on June 7 at the Windfall Ecology Festival in Newmarket. To celebrate the launch, OCWA and CWF were joined by TVO’s The Water Brothers who snapped photos with festival attendees throughout the day.

This campaign is based on the already established A Prescription for Clean Water program that encourages Ontarians to return unwanted and unused pharmaceuticals back to the pharmacies where they can be properly disposed of.

I Don't Flush launch - stage

Festival attendees listen as TVO’s The Water Brothers take the stage. Photo credit Tomitheos.


TVO's The Water Brothers on stage

Tyler and Alex Mifflin talk water for the launch of ‘I don’t flush’. Photo credit Tomitheos.


The Water Brothers with the I Don't Flush team

The Water Brothers, OCWA and CWF celebrate the launch of the ‘I don’t flush’ campaign. Photo credit Tomitheos.


I Don't Flush, OCWA and the Clean Water Foundation booth - group shot

CWF staff help pharmacist, Mina Bashta from Skycare Pharmacy in Newmarket, educate attendees on the proper disposal of pharmaceuticals.


One of the Water Brothers interviewing an attendee

The Water Brothers get even the youngest members of the audience involved.


Learning more at the I Don't Flush booth

A festival attendee gets her questions answered by Amy Lane from OCWA. Photo credit Tomitheos.